Sunday, May 18, 2008


We had Josh see a speech pathologist in the fall to see if there was anything we could do to help him with speech. We were told he was within range for his age, and in view of his adoption, they thought we should reevaluate in 6-9 months. They made suggestions like preschool and so on which we did. Well... He went back this week, and the speech pathologist feels he needs a 4 morning a week program in the fall. He will be at the early intervention preschool, and get lots of good help. It was a weird day for me. The reason we took him is because we want to make it as easy as possible for him, but I was really surprised at the degree of intervention they felt he needed. He seems to have improved so much, that it was a surprise. I was really comfortable with the speech pathologist, and the other intervention specialist, and they really liked Josh. He charmed them. The speech pathologist has him on her case list insead of putting him in the general pool, and she thinks the teachers she works with will be fighting over him. He goes for his hearing eval with the ent in the middle of next week, and we are going to try to get so me speech therapy over the summer.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy family day for us!

Today is the one year aniversary of Josh joining our family. It has been a wonderful year. we have learned so much about each other as individuals, and as a family. When I sit back and think about how far we have come, it makes me really happy. We are very lucky and very blessed. Just look at our little boy! This is Joshua the day we met him. He fell asleep that day and I am sure he felt emotional exhustion like nothing any of us have ever known. He was so sick, and such a little old man then. We were so worried that he would not be ok, or that we were not strong enough. God is good. I just went up stairs to catch him sleeping. Do you believe he difference!?I gave him an extra kiss while I was up there. He had a great day. Yesterday we went out for Pippa ( pizza) and today we had happy family day cake. I want him to know how chosen and special he is...Just as each of my kids is special. I won't say the year has not had it tears and difficulties, but wow what a great year.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

We have been busy as I mentioned! Here is a smattering of pictures to keep you all up to speed. Erin made her first communion, and did a great job. Her dress was made by her grandma from fabric her nana brought back from Malta it was beautiful and so was she. We had a big celebration afterward at our house, and everyone seemed to have fun. We recovered easily.

Erin and father Mark.

Erin and Bryan

Erin and Mallory.Don't they look holy?

Here is Josh demonstrating another big deal at our house. Note the big boy pants! He has done really well, but mom and dad have been training too. Now we are better at helping him know when to go.

Check out the new earings. She looks so old between the earings and the new hair cut.

I like this shot of the 2 of them.

I don't think any pictures of Finnigan has been featured on our site! If anyone ever wondered what a Lab Shepard Beagle looks like, Well.... he is a wonderful dog, and even Josh seems to like him now. I laugh when I think about how Josh was so worried about Finn when they first met! Now Josh is ready to open Finn's mouth if he steals any food. Finn is not greedy, but he is an opportunist and you can't blame him for trying to get what is eye level for him.

Easter morning

Here is hamster number 2. Meet Esy. As in Escape artist. She was adopted when peanut butter died. We don't know what happened, but the death occured during the night. There was no foul play. Esy is a rascal. She got her name because she escaped from the box she was traveling home in by chewing through. There was screaming from Erin, and pulling off the road by me, and the appearance of a small rodent in the passenger seat. I think she may just be a nosy back seat driver! fortunately, she is safe and at home in her hamster pad now.