Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Just a Quick note about our Cardiologist appointment on Friday. Josh had his surgery May 24, 2007 so it has been 8 months. 1. He was so brave! I was very proud. He got a little choked up with the ekg, and then settled. He started to be a little upset with the echo, but we gave him some choices and showed him it wouldn't hurt, and he (almost visably) composed himself, and ate pretzels for the 40-50 minutes it took to get all the pictures. No sedation, no fussing, and no need to redo. When that was done, he was ready and willing to impress the cardiology staff that took care of him during his hospital stay. 2. He has gained 8 pounds and at least 2 inches in height. 3. His echo is good. He has some dilation of the right heart, but less than right after surgery, the small openings between the right ventricle and the coronary arteries are all gone but one. 4. The cardiologists were really pleased with his progress, and reassured me that no limits means no limits. He can do what ever he feels up to doing. He should be allowed to rest when he wants, but not forced to rest. The activity will be good for his right heart. 5. They do think he will need a valve replacement at age 10-15 because his right heart may wear out because of the lack of valve. Right now that means another open heart, but there is a lot of work going on in the area of valve replacement during cardiac cath, so maybe in 7 to 12 years, the valve can be placed without open heart (please lord). So Yea Josh! You rock, and thanks for making cardiology, Mom and Dad, brothers and sisters and family and friends very happy! We don't need to see cardiology until January 09!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

We have had a wonderful and busy month. We had Erin's 8 th birthday, Christmas, New years, Josh's 3 rd birthday and then, last but not least, we finally were able to take the long awaited Disney Cruise. We had an excellent month! Everyone is doing well, and our trip was so nice. Both sets of grandparents were able to come, and we all enjoyed it. Now we are back home and the usual routine of school and work.
Grandma, Grandpa, Ron, Nanna, Nannu, Mallory Bryan Erin and Josh. Only the photographer is not in the shot. The "black Pearl" is docked at Disney's Island. It looks pretty cool in the ocean there. That was a great beach day. We were equidistant from the water, the drinks and the bathrooms and seemingly the sun. Here we are in an underground river near Cozumel, Mexico. It was around a mile long float through the limestone caverns, and it was neat.
Mally at breakfast with a napkin art that makes her look like Minnie Mouse or Princess Lea depending on who you ask. Bryan is quite the Photog.
Erin in the sun Erin and Josh at the Kids Club
Mally on Key West
Mallory looking like a disney princes with our towel swan.
Dancing on the ship The Men Argh, it's Pirate Night!!
How 'bout some appriecation for birthday candles!
Josh enjoying his own birthday cake & ice cream, mmmmm! The cousins:Tom, Abby, Josh,Dan and Evan Gifts
Josh got this baby for christmas, and here he is changing her diaper. Ron, John, Marissa, and Tim Erin in her and Mallory's new fuzzy chair New Years day snow man.
Mallory reading Josh a story. This is pretty meaningful because until late December, there was not much quiet interaction between these guys. Josh loves it when Mallory reads to him because he can turn pages when he wants, and she loves it because he doesn't tell her she is not "really "reading. Josh and Grandpa Christmas was so fun. Yes, I was there too. Erin's birthday