Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy to have the mystery solved, Ron went to the neighbors house with 2 of the kids and the neighbor was in the garage. Ron explained the situation. The guy said they had already decorated the tree! Sorry....
We were a little surprised. He said something about a friend who has a tree farm and he thought the tree had come from him. We have since gotten a very wonderful tree, and will have a much nicer Christmas than the guy who has our first tree....

Santa and other matters

How behind am I? Happy Halloween.
I had to include this picture. The kids were so cute. Josh was a zebra. Totally cute. The costume fit when we tried it on, and was too short by the big day! He is growing so much. Erin was Aphrodite an Mallory was... You guessed it...Dorothy. Poor Bryan was sick. He got plenty of candy and he s fine now....
So here is my crew with the big guy. Josh was still unwilling to get on his lap, and Ron was his go to guy this year. It is the first time ever that Ron has been in the Santa picture. Josh was perfectly happy to be standing near and he made a list in case he did not feel like talking. He will make quite as boy scout some day if he is always that prepared.
When last I posted, Mallory was having reading issues. I could not be more proud of her. She has worked so hard and come so far. When she started reading recovery in early Oct, she was about 9 months behind grade level, and now she is a little ahead. She has definately gotten comfortable. We are still reading and working on it, but she is definately out of the danger zone. The hero in all this (besides Mal of course) is our neighbor Jen. She has worked with Mallory every week and sometimes 2 times per week and showed me how to teach her. She rocks.
I am also very proud of Ron. Despite his worry, he is doing really well in his classes, and is working really hard around the house too. I wish he allowed himself to feel proud too, but I will certainly settle for releived:-)
I am not planning on moving to Montana and becoming an artist today, but I am leaving my options open.