Sunday, February 17, 2008

Here are the boys. When we were in China, we got tee shirts that say "big brother" and "little brother". These two are full of it when they get together! Here they are together again. Bryan is making chocolate chip cookies, and Josh is helping. As you can tell, helping is just fine with him. It is really important to have someone around to perform crowd control when Josh tries to get his hands in the mix! Grandpa and the kids It is goood to have them back from vacation
Erin's new pet. I think she has settled on Peanut butter as the name. We had several in the works, but the little guy got his name from one of his favorite foods. He is friendly as hamsters go. He did take a 4 am adventure this week and how Ron in a sound sleep on the second floor heard the little guy before the dog did is a mystery!. We used his love of Peanut butter to get him back home. No blood. Thank God.