Saturday, December 27, 2008

Very Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! We have had a wonderful holiday so far, and are feeling really blessed. As you may know, this is a busy month for us. Erin has a birthday on the week before Christmas, and Mallory is 6 days before her. We had one daughter singing at mas on Christmas eve, and 2 daughters in the nativity at our church. We had to get Bryan set for winter soccer which starts after the new year, and we had about 40 at our house on Christmas eve.
For me, the big deal about Christmas is family from a spiritual perspective and a personal perspective. I never want to get so busy I forget to listen to my kids and know exactly what they hope for, and I never want to be so busy that we don't have the time as a family to eat together and make cookies together. My kids are wonderful. Mallory is glad Santa is magic because (and I quote) with the economy the way it is... we might be in trouble if he weren't. Josh wanted Santa to bring him a lollipop...a big one for him and smaller ones for each of the other kids. He did not want to tell Santa this.. he wanted Ron to do the talking for him. Erin was really pretty sure she would be happy because Santa usually picks well for her but she did have one or 2 requests, and Bryan was a great big help. He is such a sweetheart. He made cookies for his grandparents with very little help, and gave them for Christmas because he doesn't want us to pay for gifts from him. I am sure Santa approves. Ron is as wonderful as ever. He worked so hard getting the house ready for the holidays and did a great job. That man is a wonder I tell you!
As for me I did my usual large amount of baking, which I love. I really enjoyed picking out gifts for the people I love. The favorite gift I gave was the Obama newspaper photo I had framed for my mom. Not a big investment, but my mom thinks he represents hope for things to get better for America and I love that she thinks that. I hope she is right. My favorite gift I got was a journal from my brother in law. In 1995 I gave him a blank small paper covered notebook for Christmas. He writes, and this was sort of an Idea book. John decided to take the book and write notes to Ron and me every so often. It is so cool to read what was going on as we were pregnant with Bryan and as we added to the family and so did they. What a neat gift. notes on and off for 12 years. I hope everyone had a wonderful hodiay and keep that holiday warmth through the year.
Bryan's bedroom door decorated for the holidays...understated, but gets the point across.Our dog decorated for Christmas, understated? not so much.
One of the several birthday celebrations at our house in December. The Santa picture from '08
There were many cookies!
Our whole first floor looked this crowded. My family is so funny. Our house is a central location, and we volunteered for the Christmas eve festivities, but we were at church until 6:15. The party started literally without us. My mom and aunts came over at 5:15 and when we got there, everyone had something to drink, and the appetizers were being served! We had family from South Carolina and Chicago as well as our usual local crew. I love my family.
This is kid hangover day (12-26-08)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

c Santa was at school today at Josh's party. He is still not hip on the Idea of Santa. At school they have done a lot of talking and a lot of "Ho HO HO"ing and Josh was the first one to volunteer to sit on his lap. He had the look we have come to recognize as resolve...He was so proud of himself, and we were proud of him too.
here is the gang... they were all over it for the picture........They were cracking each other up. This was taken the end of October. It is funny because we are actually in the middle of a snow storm here, and the picture seems not that long ago.