Monday, April 12, 2010

News Flash!

We Have our usual family Easter picture. HI Everyone. We are well! We had a great Easter. The kids enjoyed the Easter bunny treats especially the sun glasses! We had a wonderful family day. Ron and I are great. We are really happy to say Ron is starting a new position as a program manager and engineer with an automotive supplier! He intervewed almost 6 weeks ago, and kind of thought it went well, but assumed they make other plans when they did not seem to be deciding. Once he quit wondering about it, they called him to meet the VP, and volia! Now this is going to sound funny, but we have not been both working full time since Erin was born. We thought when Josh went to school we would it would be a good time to make that change, so with Josh starting kindergarten in the fall, the timing is even good. We are currenlty running around like squirrels before winter. You have no idea! Schedule changes for me at the office, morning sitter for the little man and summer child care. The effort is Herculean! I am glad to see Ron enthused about the job. He will do well I am sure, and I feel kind of good that he got this job because he is highly skilled and well qualified. It helped that people he interviewed with know people he knows. (translation: being a good guy and skilled at your job DOES matter!) There may be hope in this world yet! Wish us luck it may be bumpy, but it will be awesome!