Sunday, February 15, 2009

Funny Story.... We were having a conversation at the dinner table about the doctor who helped John Wilkes Booth after the assassination of Abe Lincoln.I believe this conversation began after an American Idol contestant with the last name Mudd was discussed. Such is dinner conversation at the Debono household, but I digress... We were talking about how he jumped to the stage following the assassination. Ron mentioned that he remembered he was reported to have said something in Latin before he ran but Ron could not remember what it was. Mallory pipes up " I know what he said in Latin: OUCH!" This makes much more sense to me (and apparently her) than "Sic semper tyrannis!" Latin for "Thus always to tyrants"
Hope everyone had a great valentines day. We had a really good day! First of all, Bryan had a soccer game at 7:30AM. While he was gone, we got things together to make special valentine cookies. The kids each got a little stuffed animal and a bit of candy which seemed to make them happy once a little trading was accomplished. We made our special cookies and decorated them, and hung out most of the day. We went to church where Erin sung with the youth choir. She had a solo to begin mass, and did great. I t was a bit of a learning experience for her because she missed one word in the song, and it made her really nervous. She does not usually feel nervous when singing so it was a new experience. It was a very safe way to learn that nerves don't kill you and mistakes don't kill you. Her choir director is really nice, and made her feel better, and as the mom and dad, we were very proud of her!
Erin getting ready for church. Can you see her in 6 years?
Ron and I are usually low key on Valentine's day, sometimes we have a date night and celebrate. We always do give each other cards. This year we had a date night at home! Josh and the girls set the table in the afternoon complete with flowers and candles. We fed the "staff" and then they became our servers. It was their idea, and what a blast! We cooked all the food, and they put aprons on and name tags. They sat us at our table and presented us with the menu for Debono La Magnifik (that is the name of the Restaurant). We were serve by our fine wait staff and our wine steward Bryan(with suit coat and tie and fake mustache). We ate steak with all the right side dishes and the kids gave us an uninterrupted dinner was our finest gift.Ron and the Staff of the four star restaurant, Debono La Magnifik Our Table The Menu opens to reveal the items to be served.Our wine steward. He spoke with an accent.