Thursday, November 20, 2008

LOOK AT YOU NOW! This a music video by an artist about kids with congenital heart disease and repair. It was posted to one of the lists I sort of follow by a woman who's son is in it. It is cool because I think -look at you now little man- at Josh all the time. (I don't actually say it because wouldn't you get sick of hearing it if you were Josh?)
This is a picture Josh did of a monster. He was drawing with a great deal of concentration. He showed me the finished product and I complimented him on all the colors. I asked him what it was and he told me monster! ARRH! I asked him about the fringgy stuff around the outside and he told me "hair"... Flash forward 3days. We were as school for his conference. His teacher was talking about how his drawings were really age appropriate. I was telling her about his monster, and she showed me the monster they have in the room. He has a mouth and he "eats" things like paper or hands. They have a little song they chant , and the monster is what she calls safe-scary. The monster has very distinct hair. How cute is that? Josh's school is perfect for him and he is making strides every day. He is the feel good kid in the class because he is like a sponge. He has a long attention span, and really responds well to the high intervention setting he is in. He is turing into a bit of a class clown which I believe he has learned from his brother. Conference day was a proud day to be a Debono parent. All the kids ROCKED. They are really trying hard and doing well. Here is Josh's school picture. He is looking very mature isn't he?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I know it is November 9, but Happy Halloween can last 'til the candy is gone right? I was out doing a talk when the kids and Ron carved the pumpkins, and I think they did a great job! Clearly they had a good time, and our porch looked very decorated when I got home...
The boys were cowboys. They had a great time. I really like how much they like each other. We had ninja cowboys for part of the night, but all in the spirit of the great pumpkin.
Mallory was a cheerleader. She was a little surprised that although we live in the shadow of Ann Arbor and the Universityof Michigan, people took a minute to realize the M is for Mallory. The back said Debono. She was never out of character the whole night. I think she is a great cheerleader.
We heard about a woman who lives in a local community who would not give candy to supporters of Barrack Obama. Erin would have been fine. Just fine. (Although her costume may not be a good indication of her preference as she is the consummate actress.) Grandma is looking on. I think I should issue a disclamer with this picture. They don't act like this often, and It is rare to catch on film but very cute.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ron went to the daddy daughter dance with Mallory this year. Last year Erin went, and it was a hit. This year Erin gave Mallory the inside track on what to expect, and she had a great time with her dad. Ron enjoyed himself too. I love the pictures of the 2 of them. Time goes by too quickly not to appreicate them now.