Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Soccer and back to school shots.
Hello Friends.
The Debono Family is live and well. This fall has been a wild one. We are still steaming ahead. Let's see...Soccer. Soccer. Soccer. Soccer. Between the 4 of them, Ron and I have been through 5 practices per week and 5 games per week and all that goes with it. Ron coached Erin and assistant coached Mallory. They all did well and played hard. We were proud of them, and sort of glad to see the season end.
Ron is taking 3 masters level course this term. That is a lot of work! He is doing really well and liking his classes. I am proud of him too. He is being house dad and student extraordinaire, and I am working.
Work has had its good parts and its bad parts over the last few months. it is as they say feast or famine. Otherwise translated....I am never satisfied. I am quite busy most days, and I have the best patients any doctor could have. That is a blessing. I like what I do, and that helps too. It is really hard not to run late when you squeeze people in with problems, and such. Running behind is stressful, so is not being busy enough. I have had difficult cases too: young women who are suicidal over boys who are not worth it....27 year old with cancer who wants children and needs to have a hysterectomy...... lovely full term baby who despite my best efforts dies.
And I am doing that mom thing. I work because I love my job, but also because I have a family of 6 to support. I would like to spend more time with the kids, but there are only 24 hours per day, and I am trying to balance the best I can.
The other thing that has changed is Ron and I are basically home schooling Mallory in reading and writing. It is a long story, but the school she is going to has a really outdated way of teaching these subjects. We asked for help when we realized she needed it, and they really have not been helpful. The rest is a long story, and those of you who know me, know I don't take no for an answer where my kid is concerned. I have had to take a step back and think clearly about what my kid needs. We are seeing great progress thanks to our neighbor who is a first grade teacher and her friend who is a reading specialist... It is a small world because our neighbor is the best, and has 2 boys that my kids love to play with, and her friend is adopting from China! I am not a confident teacher, but Mal is doing awesome, so we will wait and then make some school related changes. This extra school work has completely cut into my exercise time. That totally sucks. I can't stand myself when I cant exercise. I haven't figured out how to do both. Remember? Only 24 hours per day....right now Mallory needs the time.
Some days I want to move to Montana and become an artist all by myself . Some days the stress seems to be too much, and Montana seems like a good idea, but l think artists in Montana have stress too, and they don't have my husband and my kids! I would not trade them for anything and they are worth all of it.