Friday, January 30, 2009

Josh had his pediatric cardiology appointment today, and it went great! They said his cardiac function is good and the next appointment is 1 year! They answered our questions and were suitably impressed with Josh. He is 42 inches tall and 38 pounds. He has grown 6 inches in height since we brought him home! WOW! Seeing the cardiologist is a stressful day for me. I think it is a mild version of Post traumatic stress ...I worry without good reason. Josh Rocks, and as the very traumatic time after we came home gets to be more past than present, it gets a lot easier. Josh certainly is a different kid.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I was going through my disk and I found this older picture of my sisters and my dad and me. I love this picture. my family is really something special. I love you guys.
He organizes his cars like Bryan used too! Brothers at heart!
More Shots of Josh's birthday.
Mallory was making blueberry muffins, and Erin joined her for the photo op.
Here are some pictures from last week. We did some baking, and played in the
snow and shoveled. The dogs are always facing outward... The wheaton terrier is my mom's and dad's... (See, she is doing great, but she misses you as we do!) It has been a bit of a tough winter here. The snow and cold have been snowier and colder than usual.
Anyone can tell this is a rousing version of "happy birthday to you" Josh's favorite song especially when he is he guest of honor.He really enjoyed his birthday this year. He has a level of awareness that makes it much different than last year, now that he is a big four year old as of January 8. He has a genuine appreciation for celebration and gifts. It is so fun. That night when he went to bed, instead of his usual songs he asked me to sing "happy birthday" again...
Here are Mallory and Ron giving Finnigan a "sandwich hug". Everyone around here likes to be the featured item in the sandwich hug. Ron and I are always the bread Josh is usually "ham" , Mallory is sometimes "peanut butter", Erin is often cheese and lately Bryan is more like mustard. (A little strong, but lots of types of it and definitely good on some sandwiches more than others)