Friday, January 30, 2009

Josh had his pediatric cardiology appointment today, and it went great! They said his cardiac function is good and the next appointment is 1 year! They answered our questions and were suitably impressed with Josh. He is 42 inches tall and 38 pounds. He has grown 6 inches in height since we brought him home! WOW! Seeing the cardiologist is a stressful day for me. I think it is a mild version of Post traumatic stress ...I worry without good reason. Josh Rocks, and as the very traumatic time after we came home gets to be more past than present, it gets a lot easier. Josh certainly is a different kid.


Kim K. said...

Congratulations on a wonderful cardio appt. I'm so happy for you. Josh is a beautiful healthy little boy. We go back for Josie's cardio appt on 2/26. I'm praying for the same good news.

PS. I love the new blog look.

Jill said...

I could have guessed all this by seing you all in August! Wht great news!! He was quite the charmer. I am still planning on him marrying lucy by the way!!! LOL!
Hugs to you all!
Miss you!

Kim said...

That's great news! Jill can plan, but Phoebe is going to fight for her Josh!! LOL!!! Miss you guys...Hugs, Kim