Monday, June 9, 2008

Hi all! We had a good weekend at the Ranch in western MI that we go to sometimes. Josh rode the pony with a great deal of enthusiasm. That may have to do with his brothers and sisters being super excited and very encouraging! We all had fun and several thunderstorms which were timed to as to provide little interference in our plans!

Josh on the play structure.

The cow and goat don't look to pleased do they? The pig was having fun.

Mally getting the pancake treatment from her dad. Josh wanted his turn next!

Erin ready to take off on her trail ride.

Bryan relaxing.

Erin and Mallory glamorous as ever!

My nephew Dan in his new Tee shirt. I asked for an action shot... Pretty good, Dan

Josh Debono, the king of the horse waving at all his adoring public.

Mally warming up for her trail ride. I don't have pictures because I was on the other horse, and did not feel like carrying the camera. She was exceptionally confident and very safe on the trail. I was really impressed.

Little man on his bike. He loves it!

I took this picture just after we got to the ranch. Wow. I love rainbows.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

End of the school year!

What a great year. The kids are all well: Bryan has done great with the transition to Our lady of Sorrows. it was quite a move for him, and he was really anxious to start out, but he learned a lot about himself, and is a more confident and solid candidate to start 6th grade next year. Erin is always confident, and she really has done well she is enjoying almost all the aspects of school, and currently is regretting that she has not finished the 3rd Harry Potter book before the end of school. You can tell what summer reading she will be doing, and she will be more than ready for 3rd grade! Mallory is all set to start 1st grade. She will look around OLS next week to get the lay of the land. She is verbal as any kid I have ever met finishing kindergarten. I love her spunky way,(and the fact that she left me a note on my dash this morning to say "I love you". As many lunch napkins as I have written on, I felt like smiling every time it caught my eye as I went about my day. Josh is his usual unflappable self. He gets to move to the 3-4 year old class with his buddies in another week. He had a hearing evaluation which went just fine, and is going to do a little speech over the summer, and start at the "speech" preschool in the fall. I will post pictures next week.