Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I love Josh's drawings. Here is a picture of Ron. Ron likes it because of the hair. I like it because of the smile.
Here we are! We do this every Easter. It is the only time you can count on seeing me in a shot.
Candy can be exciting and sunglasses were a specific request.
Easter was fun and sunny, and beautiful. The kids had a good time as usual. Note Bryan too cool vs. Josh too cool. It is all about being 4 vs almost 12 years old.
We cruised through Easter break. No vacation for us until memorial week, so we kept busy at home. I have to say Ron is doing an awesome job. He went swimming at the rec center, had a movie day, and we went to Greenfield village for a day. I felt a little like the bald headed step child, because I had to work, (pretty hard as it turned out) while everyone else had vacation. I am lucky to like my job, and I am happy to be able to keep everything together for us....
Soccer season has arrived. This means 3 people playing 1 or 2 games a week and one or 2 practices depending. We are all well, and watching the kids is a fun. Sometimes I wish I could be out there playing. (actually one of the other moms is trying to get a team together, and although I have never been on a sports team in my life, I would do it!) I was telling a friend of Ron and mine that I was not very competitive (I don't even like to play cards), and he made an interesting observation. He said he sees me as very competitive but with myself. I think he may be right.
Here is Josh ready to play! he loved the whole IDEA of playing soccer. He loved the cleats, he loved Bryan making a big deal about him playing. He liked running and running and running! Ron said he was a little shy for starters, but he got the hang of things, and really did well. I am glad the Cardio folks told us clearly to let Josh make his own limits. They were really good about explaining that he can do as much as he wants as long as he is allowed to rest if he gets tired. If the rest periods become more frequent or longer, then we do some stuff to figure out if we need to fix the valve or do something different. Josh never, never stops to rest. He hardly ever stops for a drink. He seems like he would run for days. Nice to be able to say almost 2 years after his surgery.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

This is Bryan....
We went to the Pistons game last weekend. We sat in the upper seats, and had a good time. We had the chance this time to so on the court to have a family picture taken during the shoot around. Even Bryan was impressed with being on the court. Mallory was really cute. She stage wispers....Mom ! That's Rodney Stuckey!Josh loves the games, but this time his time his biggest concern was the cotton candy.
The Girls in uniform
Working on Grandma's birthday gift.
This is bryan's project. He worked really hard on it and was really proud of himself.
Ron and Josh doing puzzles. Josh likes puzzles and is really good at them, but likes the interactive aspect of puzzles. He wants "a lill help"