Sunday, April 5, 2009

This is Bryan....
We went to the Pistons game last weekend. We sat in the upper seats, and had a good time. We had the chance this time to so on the court to have a family picture taken during the shoot around. Even Bryan was impressed with being on the court. Mallory was really cute. She stage wispers....Mom ! That's Rodney Stuckey!Josh loves the games, but this time his time his biggest concern was the cotton candy.
The Girls in uniform
Working on Grandma's birthday gift.
This is bryan's project. He worked really hard on it and was really proud of himself.
Ron and Josh doing puzzles. Josh likes puzzles and is really good at them, but likes the interactive aspect of puzzles. He wants "a lill help"

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Kim K. said...

My husband will be so jealous to see your Piston pictures. We need to get to a game this year. Great updates. I always enjoy seeing new pictures. Have a blessed Easter!