Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I know it is November 9, but Happy Halloween can last 'til the candy is gone right? I was out doing a talk when the kids and Ron carved the pumpkins, and I think they did a great job! Clearly they had a good time, and our porch looked very decorated when I got home...
The boys were cowboys. They had a great time. I really like how much they like each other. We had ninja cowboys for part of the night, but all in the spirit of the great pumpkin.
Mallory was a cheerleader. She was a little surprised that although we live in the shadow of Ann Arbor and the Universityof Michigan, people took a minute to realize the M is for Mallory. The back said Debono. She was never out of character the whole night. I think she is a great cheerleader.
We heard about a woman who lives in a local community who would not give candy to supporters of Barrack Obama. Erin would have been fine. Just fine. (Although her costume may not be a good indication of her preference as she is the consummate actress.) Grandma is looking on. I think I should issue a disclamer with this picture. They don't act like this often, and It is rare to catch on film but very cute.

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Kim Kenward said...

Happy Belated Halloween!! Great pictures. I love ALL the costumes. Blessings to your family.