Sunday, November 18, 2007

Brotherly love
Daddy Daughter dance. Erin was all over it.Ron was too.
Aren't they cute.
Josh in the kitchen cracking himself up!
Erin outside in the sun.
Josh and Mallory playing airplane at Bryan's soccer game Well here is the new narrative. We are switching from the site we started when we brought Joshua home, and continuing on with our story.
We have had a very active and healthy fall. Josh has a constant runny nose, but very little beyond that. He is really feeling great, and we have really settled in over the last month or so as a family. Things are now a much more controlled chaos. At least the basics of keeping track of these 4 are becoming more natural. Ron and I are actually doing something with any given day beyond not losing anyone and making dinner. Our kitchen is a constant gathering place, and a barrage of school papers, permission slips, homework assignments, coupons, mail.... It is in a constant state of disorder. We have a system, so usually things don't get thrown away before their time, and we don't miss many assignments or meetings. Ok, so there was that one soccer snack incident... we do the best we can.
We are getting ready for Thanksgiving and then 2 birthdays and then Christmas! Wow


Kim said...


I love the pictures and the updates. In our crazy warp speed world it is easy for me to keep up with you guys. Glad you were able to set this up. By the way the cross stitch is being framed!

Carol said...

I love to see the family as other see it. Josh is definitely part of the small bunch (Debono's) and the big bunch (all the rest of us).
All the kids are well loved and we are thankful for them our big kids and little kids.
Grandma Carol

Kim and Bryan said...

Love the blog! I think it's pretty easy to use, and I'm not very technical. Josh looks great, as does the rest of the family. Happy holidays!
Kim and Bryan