Friday, April 18, 2008

Josh was playing the other day and I took this video. I was messing around with my new cell phone, and realized since I put a memory card it the thing it can record videos. Now if I can get the darn things uploaded, it might be fun. It is clearly cell phone quality. Josh was making "pizzas" with his connect beads. He finished making them, and Mallory baked them for him. You can tell the language is comming along, but he is still working on it. We will have more pictures to post soon, but we have been super busy!


Jill said...

Oh Jeanne! It brings tears to my eyes to see how well he is doing! Just is almost our 1 year GOTCHA anniversary!! What a difference 1 year makes!! Can you believe it has gone so quickly! We miss you guys, and would love to meet everybody for a little reunion this summer if everybody is up for it! Love, Mark, Jill and Miss Lucy

Kim Kenward said...

It's so reassuring to see Josh on video acting as a healthy happy little boy. It gives me encouragement for Josie's upcoming procedures at UofM.

Kim Kenward

Anonymous said...

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