Saturday, January 16, 2010

So moms... You may be able to relate to this story...True of course. Ron is out on the other side of town so I am doing the transient single parent thing. I get all 4 kids form two schools and we got home and had snacks. Josh "took care" of my keys for me but we found them relatively easily. Ron calls to say he is running late and could he meet us at the soccer game (he is coach Ron) instead of coming home to pick up Erin. I tell him that would be fine... and mobilize the troops.. Josh goes to the bathroom While Erin an Mally put on shoes and get the right things to bring to a 1 hour soccer game! Low and behold the toilet backs up so he does what every 4 year old would do to fix it. He flushes again and again....THEN calls for help! Now we are running late for the soccer game with gallons of dirty water all over the bathroom and an upset 5 year old with soaked pants through no fault of his own. I call for back up! Erin get me a towel!!!! Erin comes back with one square of paper towel and throws it on the floor... I was laughing... it might have been hysteria ... but it was funny. We managed to get the mess cleaned up and to soccer before kick-off... We had a debriefing which included proper protocol for toilets not flushing properly.

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Shannon said...

I love it! Never fails to get a good laugh from something the kids do. Hope all are well!
Much love!