Monday, March 1, 2010


Josh is really watching the other guys to see if this is ok...! it is . it is a kid ride at sea world. Look at my guys! Bryan rocked it out as the big brother when we were gone.
Shammu...The big head variety of course Josh would not go near. He seemed harmless enough..
Here they are happy to be on vacation.
Ron's birthday! He opted for home made blueberry pie... we had a good little celebration!
February has been a good month. We celebrated Ron's birthday one day early, and the kids and I left for FLORIDA in the morning. We flew to Orlando and rented a van and made it to our hotel. We went to Sea World and really had fun. We missed Ron and it was great when he joined us 2 days later. We visited grandparents and Nanna and Nannu and went to Kennedy Space center. It was a really nice break. a tad too short but kinda squeezed in among various vacations and scheduled cases! Ron had an exam the day we got in and had a take home test to turn in while we were gone, but such is the life of a masters student...
I wanna tell you it was a funny site to see me in the airport with Bryan on one side of security check through and me and on the other with the other 3 in between and 5 pairs of shoes and 5 back packs and 5 jackets...You get the picture.

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Jill said...

Glad you all had fun! I love min vacations! :) Love the pics! Give the kids hugs from us!
Love you guys! Jill